Stephanie Huminski

Senior Director, Community Development
Linguistics nerd, Amateur boxer, Travel enthusiast, Beer connoisseur, Rochester native
Stephanie Huminski is Director of Community Development at Health Union where she leverages her background in healthcare communications to identify and hone the enriching content that resonates with our highly engaged communities. Stephanie’s academic foundation in Sociolinguistics and Psychology aids her understanding of the subtle nuances within various health conditions. Stephanie spent years analyzing the communication gaps between physicians and their patients, and now at Health Union, she strives to close those gaps by cultivating an online haven for patient education, advocacy, and community for specific health conditions.

Sara Hayes

Senior Director, Community Development
Advocate for patient empowerment, Aspiring Jeopardy contestant, Science nerd, Gummy bear connoisseur, Architectural Digest enthusiast
Sara Hayes, MPH, is Senior Director of Community Development at Health Union where she uses her experience in health care and patient engagement to support Health Union’s communities. With a Master’s degree in Public Health and experience across a variety of healthcare settings, Sara is dedicated to helping patients feel empowered and engaged as active participants in their own care. She uses her past experience a counselor to better understand the individual experiences of patients and help provide a comforting environment for them to learn and share their stories.

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