Olivier Chateau

CEO & Co-Founder
Visionary, Passionate about people, New ideas every day, Loving dad and husband, Avid soccer fan
Olivier Chateau is CEO and Co-Founder of Health Union where his vision and desire for innovation is a driving force behind our platforms, services and solutions. During his 10 years in pharmaceutical marketing, Olivier gained experience in consumer marketing, insight creation, digital technology and analytics, which he leverages along with extensive commercial knowledge of the healthcare market to develop unique opportunities that connect patients, professionals and industry partners to improve health decisions. Olivier’s passion and enthusiasm for Health Union is contagious, inspiring the team to think bigger, to be creative, to do what hasn’t been done. His favorite saying (written on the wall in Health Union’s office) is “If you believe your dreams are achievable, they are too small. Dream bigger.”

Tim Armand

President & Co-Founder
Dad to two hungry college students, Innovator, Unashamed Philadelphia sports fan, Pragmatist, Parrot Head, Part-time Captain
Tim Armand, MBA, is President and Co-Founder of Health Union, where he brings a special combination of humor, focus and practical leadership that helps all those around him achieve extraordinary results. After an exciting 14-year ride in corporate America, Tim left one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies to return to his roots as an entrepreneur. Tim always brings forward thinking to everything he does – whether launching new products as a marketing lead or navigating through crazy days during the dot com boom as the head of eBusiness. However, Tim is never one to be blinded by the sizzle or the latest bright, shiny object. One of his favorite sayings is “Facts are friends,” which keeps Tim (and Health Union) grounded in reality. Tim takes great pride in the fact that Health Union connects communities of real patients and corporate partners to create transparent, win-win solutions.