Lauren Tucker

Director, Community Development
Canine mommy, Philly suburb native, Sushi enthusiast, Shopaholic, Family girl
Lauren Tucker is Director, Community Development at Health Union, where her former career as an elementary school teacher paved her way to understand and empathize with many different people of all ages. She brings her creative eye to making real world connections and building relationships with all those she interacts with. Lauren’s passion for helping and teaching others is infectious and will help to nurture Health Union’s online communities.

Kelly McNamara

Senior Director, Community Development
Sweater enthusiast, Over-the-hill soccer player, Terrible cook/Awesome reservation maker, Chaotically organized, Too clumsy for heels
Kelly McNamara, MA, is Senior Director of Community Development at Health Union where she blends emerging media, analytics and the psychology of human behavior to create real connections within our patient communities. With a master’s degree in mass communications and media theory, and her previous experience in the non-profit sector, Kelly has a unique perspective on growing online communities and member interaction. In her role at Health Union, she applies critical analysis of mass media trends to engage individuals.

Chris Hall

Director, Community Development
Husband, Father, Drummer, Backpacker, Pre-“Black Album” Metallica fan
Chris Hall is Director of Community Development at Health Union. During his previous career in health insurance product management, he realized his true desire was to utilize web and social media technologies to make positive impacts on people’s lives. At Health Union, Chris strives to leverage his background and experience to cultivate and engage patient communities in effective ways.