Workshop: How To Talk To Anyone When You Have A Disability Or Chronic Illness

Lainie Ishbia

MSW, Founder of
Lainie is on a mission to help people with invisible disabilities look & feel their best. She holds a MS in Social Work from The University of Michigan and has been a well respected speaker and educator for over 20 years on all topics relating to self-esteem and body image.

Lainie, who has an inherited neuromuscular disorder, wears AFOs (leg braces) and once struggled with extremely low self-esteem and depression. In 2017 she founded, a Fashion + Lifestyle blog & resource website. Her articles, fashion boards and posts help others with disabilities, find hacks, adaptive clothing, and tools for living their best lives. Her savvy and witty articles have been featured on The Mighty,, LER Magazine, and more!

Estela Lugo

Medical Outreach Director, Hereditary Neuropathy Foundation
Estela was diagnosed with a progressive form of neuropathy called, Charcot-Marie-Tooth at 4 years-old. Her younger sister followed 3 years later. From that point forward, their parents became heavily involved in advocacy and fundraising for CMT & Muscular Dystrophy throughout New York.

“I was lucky enough to be thrown into the nonprofit world at a very young age. We were raised in a community that was incredibly passionate and dedicated to improving and saving lives. Returning to the disability arena has been a ‘Full-circle Moment’ for me; I’m back where it all began.”

Estela’s professional background in interior & product design, marketing, and creative direction brings an unexpected approach to connecting the disability community to wellness, empowerment and health.

She is the moderator for the CMT-Connect webinar series and recently testified in front of the FDA this past September to bring awareness and patient perspective to stakeholders and rare disease policy makers.