Kristine Zerkowski

Executive Director, Community Development
Mother of two, Baking ninja, Travel enthusiast, Nature lover, Health geek
Kristine Zerkowski is Executive Director, Community Development at Health Union, where she applies her medical writing and health expertise to develop and manage several of Health Union’s patient communities. With her background in Kinesiology and many years of experience in medical and scientific communications, Kristine is able to connect with patients on a personal level to better understand their unique interests and needs. Her passion for health – and her infectious enthusiasm for learning – help to nurture Health Union’s growing communities.

Rebecca Braglio

Senior Director, Community Development
Former criminal defense attorney, Lover of old things, Obsessed with recommending quality dog food, Eats only plants
Rebecca Braglio, J.D., is Director of Community Development at Health Union where she uses her background in psychology and law to create welcoming and supportive environments that meet member needs. In a former life, Rebecca practiced as a criminal defense attorney and specialized in mental health cases. After becoming involved in a senior pet rescue organization and volunteering for her local shelter, Rebecca shifted her focus from the law to building communities and connecting people. Her background in mental health has given her a genuine sense of understanding the struggles others endure while recognizing the importance of a supportive and empowering community. When she isn’t building communities, she spends her free time surrounded by senior dogs and cats.