UX 101: The Team Behind the Visuals

Caroline Liddic

Associate Creative Director
Cookie baker, Loud laugher, World adventurer, Cat hugger, Food & beer enthusiast
Caroline Liddic, BS, is a proud and overly-excited Associate Creative Director with a varied background in marketing, advertising, graphic design, illustration, and photography. She enjoys detailed planning, saying yes to new experiences, and finding fun in everyday situations. A hardworking perfectionist in both her work and at home, she excels at organizing and making processes easier and more efficient, and plans to use her creative experience and talents to help expand awareness about Health Union’s many great communities.

Emily Joynton

Art Director
Illustrator, Embroidery artist, Rollerskater, Runner, Always hungry
Emily Joynton, MFA, is thrilled to create illustrations with purpose as an Art Director at Health Union. As an illustrator with a strong background in comics, she uses her knack for storytelling in each image she creates. An avid reader and life-long student, Emily combines her expanding knowledge of chronic illnesses and those affected by them with clever creativity, giving voice to the communities through visuals. She strives to convey both a realistic and positive outlook of living with a chronic illness through her imagery, and is eager to put her problem-solving skills to good use in all her work.